Custom Jewelry Design in Fresno, CA

The 6-Stage Custom Design Process Is As Follows:

Concept Drawings

This is the very first step in making the piece of jewelry of your dreams. We will sketch out the concepts of what you're imagining and give you a glimpse of your future jewelry. At this stage you have the oppotunity to really narrow down what it is that you are visualizing and make changes to accommodate your taste. There is no limit to the number of sketches we can do! Our goal is to make your decision easy, fun, and exciting, we take pride in our customer service.

CAD CAM Drawings

After we sketch your ring out on paper and you have decided on a basic design for your item we then take the design and digitize it! in as little as a couple days you can see your design really start to take shape on a tv or monitor. Although this step is optional and not always necessary, we encourage it in order that you may see your design from different angles and make any further changes necessary to create exactly what you want.

Wax Model

The wax model is usually computer grown by a 3D printer, precision and consistency is unparralleled when using this method. In some cases it is necessary to hand carve the wax, in which case our master jeweler fine tunes your wax model to your liking. The wax model really makes your item come to life, it is the first time you will see your design in a tangible way, giving you the first opportunity in trying it on and seeing your gemstones (if any) in it. this is the last time to make changes to your piece before it gets cast into gold, we encourage our clients to consider any remaining changes they might want to make.


At this stage we take the wax model and put it into a mold in which the molten metal of your choice goes in, and the wax comes out; you get exactly what you saw in the wax down to the finest detail!

Setting Stones

After casting your design, any diamonds or gems that need to be set are now set into the piece by our master gem setter.

Final Polish

As the last bits of metal are being taken away from your item to create a luster that strikes the optic nerve, your piece of jewelry is at the end of it's birth. This is a wonderful moment for us and you, as we give you your very own, one-of-a-kind, handmade, work of art. Here at The Diamond Gallery we want to serve you, and build a long-lasting relationship. Rest assured when your piece is finished we will make certain that it exceeds your every expectation.
We truly look forward to meeting you and helping you bring that custom design that you've been thinking of to life. Give us a call today, and may God be with you! (559) 434-3688